The Idea behind MPC

There are a lot of musicians around the globe, musicians with different skills, genres, and styles, yet the community and group of musicians are only limited to their local groups, and honestly, it’s hard to make a network full of talents like you. 

When the CEO went to the Philippines, he discovered a lot of great talents when it comes to music, this ranges from singers,  songwriters, producers, instrumentalists, and many more. This inspired him to build a website specifically built only for musicians. Where musicians can share their talents, build networks, improve their skills, and even collaborate.

Being a musician himself, the CEO knows how big this development would help Musicians around the globe, He made sure that there is a free version for every musician to try and show their skills through this Platform.

Our mission

Connect Musicians all around the Globe.

Give equal opportunity for musicians to improve and be recognized for their talents.

Be a platform where people can learn about music, from singing, playing instruments and producing their own music.

What we do

We are a free membership club. Our primary goal is to bring people from all areas of the music industry together. This is an international endeavor to include promote aspiring musicians from all: cultures, genres, and languages of all countries. If your category isn’t on the membership list we will add it.

Join our free club and create your profile to promote yourself. It’s your resume.

Our Vision



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